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MONDAY, JULY 19, 1948 Gonzales Beats Carter In National Clay Courts Chicago, July 18 (P)-Richard today won the National championship, 7-5, 6-2, 6-3. His opponent was Clarence (Nick) Carter of San Francisco. Most of the action came in the first set when Gonzales powered Carter with his powerful service after the count had reached five-all, then broke down the San Franciscan's service by scoring three placements. The and third sets featured second, series of bullet-like placements by Gonzales. Gonzales, ranked 17th nationally, was seeded fifth in the River Forest tournament.

Car- Bettenhausen 1st At Milwaukee; Holmes Is Third Milwaukee, July 18 (P)-Tony Bettenhausen of Tinley Park, won the 25-mile AAA-sanctioned feature race on the onemile State Fair park dirt track today and also set a big car track record. Bettenhausen covered five miles in 3 minutes, 17.53 seconds. The old record of 3:18.30 WAS set by Rex Mays in 1940. For the 25 miles, Bettenhausen's time was 17 minutes 1.2 Hansen of Los Angeles gave Bettenhausen a fast chase but dropped out of the feature race with engine trouble. Hanhad the fastest qualifying time, :38.4, and won the 10-mile semi-final in 6:58.11.

Emil Andres of "Chicago finished second in the feature race. Other top finishers in the 25- mile event were: Jackie Holmes, Indianapolis, third; Myron Fohr, Milwaukee, Johhny Mantz, Van Nuys, fifth, and Hal Cole, South Gate, sixth. Solunar Tables By JOHN ALDEN KNIGHT Fish and game feed during certain periods determined by gravitational forces of the moon sun. Time of major periods, which last two to hours, and minor periods, lasting about 45 minutes, are as follows: Date: A.M. P.M.

July- Minor Major Minor Major 19-Today. 4:05 10:25 4:35 10:50 20-Tuesday. 5:00 11:20 5:25 11:45 21-Wednesday. 6:45 7:10 1:10 7:25 1:30 7:50 1:55 23-Friday. 8:05 2:15 8:30 2:35 8:45 2:55 9:10 3:15 9:25 3:35 9:50 3:55 26-Monday.

9:05 3:15 9:30 3:40 (Central Daylight Time) INN In Every Town There Is One Good Italian Restaurant and This Is It. Open Sun. Eves. 231 S. Noble St.

MA. 8834 PANTS or Plain SKIRT 39. DAVIS CLEANERS STORES ALL OVER INDIANAPOLIS (Pancho) Gonzales, Angeles, Men's Singles Clay 'Courts tennis ter's national ranking is 18th, with sixth seeding for the tourney, THE WOMEN'S CLAY courts singles crown was won by Mrs. Magda Rurac of Bucharest, Romania, who easily defeated Dorothy Head of Alameda, 6-0, 6-2. Airs.

Rurac won on hard hitting with clever use of the drop shot. Miss Head is ranked seventh nationally among women and was seeded No. 1 in the tournament. Sam Match of San Francisco, and Tom Chambers of Los Angeles won the men's doubles upsetting Tom Brown Jr. of San Francisco, and Gonzales, 10- 8, 7-5, 6-3.

The winning team, unseeded in the tourney, beat Brown and Gonzales with superior net play and smashing overhead returns. Talbert Adds Another Forest Hills, N.Y., July 18 Billy Talbert of New York added the New York state championship to his string of victories today when he defeated defending titlist Don McNeill of Glenn Oaks, N. 6-3, 7-5, 8-6. Talbert and Frank Shields of New York won the doubles crown by defeating McNeill and Charles Mattmann of Roslyn Heights, N. 4-6, 7-5, 6-4, 6-3.

Baseball's BIG SIX By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS (Three Leaders! in Each League) AB Pet. Musial. 81 317 71 124 .392 Williams, Red Sox. 71 263 66 102 .388 Boudreau. 79 295 58 107 .363 Pafko, Cubs 75 283 49 100 .353 Ashburn, 80 321 49 109 .340 Kell, Tigers 60 235 33 78 .332 RUNS BATTED! IN American League National League Stephens, Red Sox 77 Musial, Cardinals 70 DiMaggio, Yankees 74 Kiner, Pirates 69 Williams, Red Sox 72 Mize, Giants 68 Gordon, Indians 72 HOME RUNS Keltner, Indians 22 Kiner, Pirates DiMaggio, Red Yankees Sox 18 19 Sauer, Musial, Reds Cardinals 22 Public Links Golfers End Practice Shots Atlanta, July 18 (P)- 190 odd entries in the 23d National Public Links golf tournament got in their final practice licks today before the opening of individual play tomorrow.

Less than one-third of the contestants for the "poor man's" golf championship went en a complete round over the North Fulton Course today. Others were grouped around practice greens trying to sharpen the stroke which again probably will prove to be the most important in golf -the putt. Ted Lach, a lanky, long driver from Castle, got the first reported sub-par round in practice today with a 70. Arnold C. Koehler of Indianapolis, was one stroke back at even par.

Pritchard Signed Philadelphia, July 18 (P)-Bosh Pritchard, the lightest halfback in the National League, at 163 pounds, has signed contract with the Philadelphia Eagles, General Manager Charley Ewart announced today. L. S. Aures Co. SUMMER STORE HOURS: for the 5-DAY Store WEEK SHOP from 9 to 5 Tuesday thru Saturday Shop at 9 o'clock in the morning! Shop EVERY SATURDAY AFTERNOON until 5 o'clock! We are Open All Day Saturdays because we are Closed All Day Mondays, enabling our empioyees to enjoy two full days off together each week.

OPEN ALL DAY SATURDAYS Shop Tuesday thru Saturday 9 A.M. to 5 P.M. CLOSED MONDAYS INDIANAPOLIS STAR PAGE 21 Funeral Announcements Business And Industry Industry Technology To Be College Course By ROBERT KELLUM Evansville College this fall will start a new -industrial technology--which will permit students to spend part of their time in actual operations of businesses. It is a co-operative venture beAseanother college beneficial and move industries. along the educational front, the college officials believe it will provide better trained young people for places in business.

The student will go to school 12 weeks and then work in industry 12 weeks. He will be practically self-sustaining. Students also may be sent to Louisville, Indianapolis, Nashville, St. Louis and Cincinnati. Clare Duane McGillem is recipient of the Diamond Chain Graduate Fellowship in the school of civil engineering and engineering mechanics at Purdue University.

A graduate in electrical engineering of the University of Michigan in February, 1947, McGillem has been conducting theoretical and experimental studies on "Vibrations in Span of Steel Roller Chain." Diamond Chain Co. of Indianapolis is providing special facilities for the study. Mallory's new car- Trade Winds By LOU SCHNEIDER New York, July 18 British hatred of American businessmen rapidly is reaching a boiling point, but will not be outwardly expressed until Great Britain can quit calling upon Uncle Shylock for aid. And British steel output is now at an all-time high record; London plans eventually to cut deep into the American industry's export outlets. COMMERCIAL AND industrial failures currently average double those of last year, and are nearly six times greater than in 1946.

Banking opinion is that this year's figure will be far above that generally -if a buyers' strike starts against the new price-hike wave. SMOKE SIGNALS indicate higher cigarette prices record breaking sales volume doesn't offset higher wage, railfreight and tobacco-leaf costs. Since largest stockholders are families, institutional investors and estates, managements refuse to reduce dividends. That practically guarantees higher cigarette prices. BUTTER BOYS better beware they won the congressional battle to maintain oleomargarine tax rates, but the fight boomeranged.

Consumer oleo buying is steadily increasing. The pre-war annual output volume was 354,000,000 pounds. The total for 1946 zoomed to 000 pounds. Last year the figure was 746,000,000 and for 1948 it is expected to skyrocket 860,000,000 pounds. Some popularity is something politicians will not kick around for long.

APROPOS OF this year's huge wheat crop, India will not be a buyer. Last week that government signed a barter-trade agreement with Russia. The swap will be Russian wheat for Indian tea and no American dollars involved. Other nations now are making such bartertrade agreements--to the detriment of American commerce. SIZZLING HIGH meat prices are forcing housewives to become egg buyers in a big way but the ladies are due for a jolt; prices are to be hiked.

effeD reason given will be that hot weather is raising hob with supplies; there's a shortage. Whether you like that reason or not, that's what the trade will say. Neighbor, it's your price! 3.69 Here's our Qt. family's whiskey back THE just as serf ale dr MALIGN FAIRLY tasty as Grandpa Wilken used to make! fleury FAMILY BLENDEd WHISKEY 86 proof. grain neutral spirits The Wilken Family Louisville, Ky.

bon control--the Midgetrol-is a mighty midget for the radio industry, It is simplicity to the fullest degree. The company points out that the flat shaft employed is a Mallory innovation. It is molded into a bakelite rotor. It can be fitted for any size or type of knob. STATE POINTS: Elkhart Paint Manufacturing has purchased a fiveacre tract west of Elkhart and is constructing an all-metal plant, W.

E. Miller, company president, The company has outgrown its present plant on North Elkhart Avenue, with sales tripling the last two years. Mead-Johnson and Company of Evansville, internationally known manufacturer of baby foods, has presented Illinois University college of Medicine a $7,000 gift to cover a two-year fellowship in biochemistry research in pediatrics. Walter Leich has been elected president of Charles Leich and Company, Evansville wholesale druggists. succeeds Carl Leich who died last February.

Daniel E. Forsythe of Noblesville has gone to South America where he has accepted a position with the Mene Grande Oil Company, affiliate of Gulf Oil Company, as a chemical analyst. For two months he will be stationed at Caracas, Venezuela, and then he will move to Maracaibo for permanent location. Robert Kellum is leaving on vacation. The "Business and Industry" column will be sumed on his return.

Vet Rejects $7,300 Radio Prize Offer Huntington, W.Va., July 18 ning a quiz prize was Confusion brought by winshuffled off by a 28-year-old war veteran here today, as he and his wife slipped away from their home. Before leaving, Jack L. Adams telephoned a broadcasting company in New York that he wouldn't accept the award which he won in the radio show, "Three for the Money," last night. He told network officials that his whole life had been turned topsy-turvy by the award, adding that before last night he was leading a quiet peaceful life. Adams' father, C.

R. Adams, with whom the son lives, said the winner was an employe of the Chesapeake and Potomac Telephone Company and the father of three children. The elder Adams couldn't explain his son's decision to reject the prize, saying "he's his own man now." Fire Losses Rise To Highest Total Ever Recorded New York, July 18 (P)-June fire losses of $54,706,000 brought nation's first waste figure to the highest level recorded in a 12-month period in the country's history, the National Board of Fire Underwriters reported today. The $386,480,000 total for the first half of 1948 was greater than the $380,235,000 loss in the whole of 1943. The total fire losses for the 12 months ended June 30 was 839,000, an increase of 12 per cent over the $633,457,000 for the previous 12-month period.

THE JUNE TOTAL was 7.6 per cent over the $50,840,000 for the corresponding month of 1947, but showed a seasonal decline of 7.7 per cent from the 256,000 losses recorded in the previous month this year. The Board of Underwriters explained that fire losses always have been lower during the summer months than during other parts of the year. The board's figures are estimated under fire insurance policies only and are on an incurred basis, including an allowance for unreported and uninsured losses. No extended coverage losses, such as explosion damage, are included. 2d Snow In Chile City Santiago, Chile, July 18 (UP) -Snow fell for several hours here today--the second snowstorm this capital city has seen in a week after 50 years of snowlessness.

IT GROWS 'WITH YOUR BUSINESS A hundred storage problems answered-Standardized metal buildings in multiple unitsany width, any length. Parts of buildings, such as truss or roof sections-truss spans up to 50 feet. Approx. $1 per 5q. ft.

of floor space. Shipped knocked down or will erect. FINANCE AVAILABLE IMMEDIATE DELIVERY A. W. EUBANK Authorized Distributor 5454 Brookville Rd.

Indianapolis, Ind. IR. 8351 STEEL METAL BUILDINGS Tool Sheds, Garages, Farm Buildings, Oil Stations, Field Offices, Repair Shops Out-of-Town Business Solicited FLAnnER BUcHanan Dervices BOWLES, Mrs. Janet Payne CAMPBELL, Walter S. IVERSON, Miss Helen T.

Sgt. Russell L. HO See complete notices for time date of funeral FLAnnER BUCHARAN WEST FALL CREEK MOORE Mortuaries The Following Services Have Soon Scheduled APPLEGATE, Bertha BELLES, Clinton RYAN, Emma FIVE CHAPELS For additional information shone CHERRY 6020 BRADSHAW. Julia COATS, Lester HARRELL, Nora MOWRY, Ada K. TAYLOR, Lourrane Shirley Services AUTO LEAPFROGS, ALMOST- car driven by, a retired rancher from South Dakota's Black Hills went out of control, rolled over and landed with its wheels straddling the top of a car which had pulled to the side of the road near Rapid City, S.D.

The driver, Elmer Pomoroy, 76 years old, was killed. Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Grubbs, Los Angeles, occupants of the other car, were unhurt.

(AP Wirephoto.) 150 Hoosiers Attend I.U. 'Authors' Day' Luncheon Bloomington, July 18 150 Hoosiers from Lake Michigan to the Ohio River gathered at Indiana University today for the seventh annual "Indiana Author's Day," an annual luncheon of the I. U. Writers' Conference. The conference will open tomorrow and continue through July 31.

Today marked the close of the Young Writers' Conference: Stephen C. Noland, editor of the Indianapolis News, was toastmaster at the luncheon in the Union Building. The luncheon was arranged by Professor Ceclia H. Hendricks of the I. U.

Department of English. Noland, on behalf of the News, presented a 39-volume set of "Niles' Weekly Register" to the I. U. Department of Journalism. John E.

Stempel, head of the journalism department, received the gift. DR. NORVAL NEIL LUXON, assistant to the president and dean of the School of Journalism at Ohio State University, discussed the history of "Niles' Weekly Register." Dr. Luxon is author of the book, "Niles, Weekly Magazine of the Ninteenth' Century." Dr. Luxon said the alma mater of more college presidents than any other institution and added that the I.

U. department of journalism is one of the outstanding departments in the country. Dr. Luxon cited successful authors who had gained valuaable writing experience serving as newspaper reporters. Going back in newspaper history 137 years, Luxon told the history of the "Niles' Weekly Register," and its founder-editor, Niles, a Baltimore newspaper editor.

Established in 1811, the publication soon came Suspected Chick Thief Wounded Deputy sheriffs last night shot and wounded a suspected chicken thief while making an investigation at 1809 Perkins Street, southeast of the city. Warren Richardson, 34 years old, 1519 Asbury Street, was wounded in the left shoulder by a .38 caliber bullet fired from the gun of Deputy Sheriff Robert Reeves after Richardson tried to flee. Reeves Deputy Sheriff Lyndell Foster also arrested George Morrectt, 51, 937 Massachusetts Avenue, who denied any connection with Richardson or attempts to steal chickens. Richardson was found in possession of one dead chicken and an ice pick. He was taken to General Hospital and Morrectt was taken to jail.

Both were charged with vagrancy. Hospital attaches described Richardson's condition as serious. Hotel Co-Founder Dies Chicago, July 18 (P)-Emil Eitel, 83 years old, president and co-founder of the Bismarck Hotel here, died today. With his brother, Karl, he established the hostelry during Chicago's Columbian Exposition in 1893. The Eitels began their hotel business two years after coming in 1891 from Stuttgart, Germany.

to be read by leading statesmen and politicians of the day, Luxon said. NILES RETIRED as editor in 1836 and, with his death in 1839, the periodical suspended publication for several weeks. After changing editors several times, the publication was suspended altogether in 1850, he added. Guests at the luncheon included a John H. Burns, author of "The Gallery;" John F.

Nims, poet and critic and a member of the Notre Dame English department, and Simon Bessie, Harpers Brothers' publishers representative. Preceding Dr. Luxon's speech, the I.U. School of Music presented the musical farce "There and Back," by Paul Hindemith. Couple Observes 53d Anniversary Mr.

and Mrs. Ernest Conner, 435 North Gray Street, celebrated their 53d wedding anniversary yesterday in their home. A dinner, group singing and a of the couple were features of the celebration. The Rev. James R.

Walker, 15 North Highland Avenue, conducted the ceremony. Conner, 'a retired salesman and garage owner, is 78 years old. His wife is 75. They have no children, but always have taken interest in young people's activities. The anniversary celebration was arranged by a group directed by Miss Irma Meyers, 1941 Ruckle Street.

Others taking part were Mrs. June Allen, Miss Andy Allen, Robert Bollinger, Roy Vanderbrock, Miss Martha Willerin and Miss Nova Hewitt. Central To Give Business Course Indiana Central College announced yesterday offer a course in business administration for the first time with opening of the new school year Sept. 14. The business curricula will be based on the contention that business success requires a broad general knowledge and adequate specialized training, the college announced.

administration students may follow one of three curricula- one providing training for administrative careers, another for secretarial careers and the third for careers in business education. Isaac Klein Isaac Klein, 63 years old, Rochester businessman, died yesterday in Michael Reese Hospital, Chicago. A native of Russia, he was a former Indianapolis resident. Funeral services will be held at 11 a.m. Tuesday in the AaronRuben Funeral Home here with Rabbi Samuel Katz and Cantor Abraham Portnov officiating.

Burial will be in Shara-Tefilla Cemetery. Survivors are the widow, Mrs. Beele Klein; three sisters, Miss Lena Klein, Kokomo; Miss Marian Klein, and Mrs. Frances K. Baion, Kokomo, and a brother, Alexander Klein, Washington, D.C.

STRICTLY BUSINESS By McFeatters YE NOS CY ARE be Mi Latina "I only asked for one box!" Tomato Queen Contest Opens Entries Close Aug. 9 For State Festival Elwood, July 18 Elimination contests in statewide competition the 12th Indiana Festiformate val will be held in three divisions, the north, south and central parts of the state. All young unmarried women, 18 to 25 years old, may enter. Those living north or on Ind. 18 will be in the north district, where judging will be held at the Roxy Theater, Peru, the night of The central district, in which judging will be at Elwood, will include all on U.S.

40 and north to Ind. 18. All living south of U. S. 40 will be judged in southern Indiana, the city to be announced.

Finals will be held at Elwood on Aug. 19, four from each section to take part in the contest here. However, a first place winner will be selected in preliminaries in each section. The other three, those placing second, third and fourth, will serve as ladiesin-waiting. ALL ENTRIES MUST have a sponsor, either a canner, a merchant, or chartered group.

Contestants will be judged in both formals and bathing suits. Judging will be on poise, personality, and physical being. Entries must be mailed not later than midnight, Aug. 9, addressed to Queen Contest, Indiana Tomato Festival, Box 240, Elwood, for the central area, and to Roxy Theater, Peru, in the north section. The queen will receive an engraved gold loving cup, a new formal, complete street attire, and a new wrist watch.

She will receive a two-day free trip to the Indiana State Fair in September, presenting the Governor with a case of tomatoes on Governor's Day. Girls in the court will receive silver loving cups, a street dress, and expenses paid for the. state fair trip. Teen Variety Show Draws Crowd Of 7,000 An all-teen, three-act variety show, "Korny Kapers," by Mrs. Kathleen Keilman, was attended by 7,000 persons last night at Garfield Park.

The show was directed by Mrs. Mary Sare, Drama Co-ordinator for City Park and Recreation. Weather Data U.S. Weather Bureau Special Report Sun rises. 5:33 Moon rises.

7:43 p.m. Sun sets. 8:09 Moon sets. .3:45 a.m. WEATHER CONDITIONS YESTERDAY (Airport Data) Precipitation ending at 7:30 p.m...

.10 Total amount since Jan. 1 22.84 Accumulated departure from normal since Jan. 1 (deficiency .11 -Temperatures1 p.m.. .84 5 p.m... 84 Maximum ...87 2 p.m..

.85 6 p.m.. .81 3 p.m. 85 7 p.m. .79 Minimum ...65 4 p.m.. 86 8 p.m..

.79 -For the Same Date Last Year1 p.m.. 73 8 p.m.. 75 64 Amarillo, Tex. Cldy 63 94 Atlanta, Ga. PtCidy 73 94 Bismarck, N.D.

Clear 55 78 Brownsville, Tex. PtCIdy 74 92 Chicago, Ill. PtCIdy 63 83 Cincinnati, 0. Cldy 66 88 Denver, Col. Rain 56 80 Duluth, Minn.

PtCldy 57 71 Evansville, Ind. Rain 71 90 Fort Wayne, Ind. Clear 66 85 Kansas City, Mo. Clear 72 88 Los Angeles, Cal. Clear 60 78 Louisville, Ky.

ThStrm 68 92 Miami, Fla. PtCldy PtCldy 57 79 90 76 Minneapolis, Minn. Orleans, La. PtCidy 73 90 New York, N.Y. ThStrm 72 86 Omaha, Neb.

PtCldy 63 84 Phoenix, Ariz. Rain 83 110 Pittsburgh, Pa. Cldy 69 87 St. Louis, Mo. 73 91 San Francisco, Cal.

Clear 54 69 Sault Ste. Marie, 54 65 South Bend, Ind. 62 83 Spokane, Wash. Clear 75 60 92 79 Tampa, Fla. ThStrm Terre Haute, Ind.

Cldy 66 88 Washington, D.C. PtCidy 72 91 1 Death Notices Indianapolis Star, July 19, 1948 ALEXANDER- (Babe) Harrison, Brownsburg, father of Mrs. Sabra Weddle and Mrs. Anna Kirtly of Brownsburg, Miss Dessa Alexander of Illinois, Mrs. Irene Miller of Indianapolis, and Mr.

Raymond Alexander of Pittsboro, brother of Camm Alexander of Pittsboro, Les Alexander of Indiana polis, Silas Alexander of Kentucky, Mrs. Bertie Maupin and Nanny Powell of Clermont, passed away Saturday a.m, Funeral at Bethesda Baptist Church, Tuesday, 2 p.m. Friends invited. Burial Jones Chapel. Friends may call at the Jones and Matthews Mortuary, Brownsburg.

APPLEGATE-Bertha, of 812 N. Temple entered into rest Thursday morning, age 63 wife of Harvey Applegate, mother of Mrs. Emily Cummins, Mary June, Thomas and Robert A. Applegate. Services Monday, 11 a.m., at PEACE CHAPEL, 2050 E.

Michigan Street. Friends are welcome. Burial at Crown Hill. MOORE MORTUARIES. BAKER-Frank 73, 1635 Woodlawn Avenue, passed away Sunday evening.

husband of Rebecca Jane Baker, father of Mrs. Martha Baker Starr and Frank H. Baker, Indianapolis, brother of Clyde E. Baker, grandfather of David Starr, Indianapolis. Services Wednesday, 2:30 p.m.

in Edwin Ray Methodist Church. Friends may call at J. C. Wilson "Chapel of the Chimes" after 6 p.m. Monday.

(O.) papers please BARBER-Hale of Martinsville, beloved husband of Katherine Burke Barber, passed away Saturday, age 69. Funeral Tuesday at the Wilhite Son Funeral Home, Martinsville, 2 Burial Martinsville. Friends invited. Friends may call at the funeral home Detroit (Mich.) papers please copy.1 Death Notices Indianapolis Star, July 19, 1948 BELLES-Clinton, of 1526 Spruce entered into rest Thursday morning, age 82 years, husband of Frances Belles, father of Walter Belles (deceased), and Arthur Belles, grandfather of Mrs. Margaret Isgrigg, Mrs.

Monzelle Spreckelmeyer and Marcelle Belles, great-grandfather of Robert Belles. Services Monday, 9:30 a.m., at PEACE CHAPEL, 2050 E. Michigan Hinshaw Funeral Home, Sheridan, p.m. MOORE RE MORTUARIES. BOWLES-Mrs.

Janet Payne, 111 E. 16th, mother of Miss Mira Bowles of Indianapolis and Jan Bowles of New York, passed away Sunday. Services Flanner Buchanan Mortuary. Time later. BRADSHAW -Julia Ann, age 83 years, sister of Oren Bradshaw and aunt of Vivian Truelove of Indianapolis.

Funeral from Shirley Central Chapel, 946 N. Illinois, Tuesday, 10 a.m. Burial Crown HIll Cemetery. Friends may call at Central Chapel any time after 4 p.m. Sunday.

CAMPBELL-Walter husband of Christine Wente Campbell, passed away Sunday. Services Flanner Buchanan Mortuary, Tuesday, 10 a.m. Friends invited. Burial Seymour, Ind. Friends may call.

COATS Lester, age 43, of 1061 W. 28th beloved husband of Lenora Coats, father of Dorothy, Lester D. and Richard son of Mr. and Mrs. Gurley Coats, brother of Helen Stoltz, Dorothy Burrell and Alice White, passed away Thursday p.m.

Service Monday, 1:30 p.m., Shirley Central Chapel, 946 N. Illinois. Burias Floral Park. Friends may call chapel. GARRETT-Mrs.

Julia Maud of 1626 N. New Jersey mother of MISS Zella Garrett, sister of Mrs. Grace King, Mrs. Alice Beach of Anderson, and James A. Turner of Nineveh, passed away at her home Friday afternoon.

Services at the Clyde V. Montgomery Funeral Home, 1622 N. Meridian Monday, 2:30 p.m. Friends welcome. Interment Crown HIll.

Friends may call at the funeral home. HALL--John age 72, husband of Ida, father of Albert, grandfather of Alberta June, passed away Sunday afternoon at his home south of Plainfield, Ind. Service Tuesday, 2:30 p.m. at the Hampton Funeral Home, Plainfield. Burial Sugar Grove.

Friends may call at the funeral home after 6 p.m. Monday. HARRELL-Nora, age 67, of 3328 E. Vermont, passed away Friday a.m. Services Monday, 10 a.m., Shirley Irving Hill Chapel, 5377 E.

Washington St. Burial Memorial Park. Friends may call at chapel. HOOD-Frank 79 years, of 2834 E. 10th St.

brother of James Hood and Mrs. Florence Plaster, passed away Friday. Friends may call at the JORDAN FUNERAL HOME, 2428 E. 10th St. Funeral Monday, July 19, 10 a.m.

Friends invited. Burial Crown Hill. IVERSON-Miss Helen age 17, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E.

C. Iverson, sister of Emil C. Iverson passed away Sunday a.m. Services Flanner Buchanan Mortuary, Time later. KLEIN-Isaac, of Rochester, passed away suddenly In Chicago Sunday morning, husband of Belle, father of Lena, Marion, Mrs.

Frances K. Brian and Alexander Klein. Services will be conducted at 11 a.m. Tuesday at the Aaron-Ruben Funeral Home. Interment Shara -Teflla Cemetery.

Friends invited. LOLLAR-H. husband of Mary Sherrill Lollar, father of Mrs. Maude Campbell of Thorntown and Clyde Lollar of Shannondale, Laura Frazier and Florence Cooperly of passed away Friday. Funeral Monday, 2 p.m..

at the Methodist Church, Max, Ind. (Boone Burial the Dover residence Cemetery, Friends may call at Max. MENDENHALL-James age 23, son of Mrs. Esther C. and Dr.

Clarence D. Mendenhall, brother of William. Charles D. and Betty, passed away Sunday. Funeral Tuesday, July 20, 2 p.m., at THE GEORGE 'W.

USHER MORTUARY, 2313 W. Washington St. Friends invited. Burial Washington Park Cemetery. Friends may call at mortuary after 1 p.m.

Monday. MILLER-Edward age 76 years, of 918 N. Temple beloved husband of Dorothy Miller, father of Irvin M. Miller brother of Burford Miller of California, grandfather of Irvin Miller city; Mrs. Marjorie Trager of Chicago, Mrs.

Betty Ann Behrens Irvin of N. Carolina, great-grandfather of Miller Jr. II, passed away Thursday at 1:15 p.m. Friends may call at the JORDAN FUNERAL HOME, 2428 E. 10th St.

Funeral Monday, July 19, p.m. Friends invited. Burial Crown HIll. MOWRY-Ada age 81, of 646 Middle Drive, Woodruff Place, beloved wife of John Q. Mowry, mother of Maye M.

Rardon, Indianapolis, Scott Mowry, Caseville, Illinois, and Belle Smuck of Indianapolis, passed away Sunday p.m. Funeral arrangements later. Shirley Service. ROBERTS-Sgt. Russell 5414 N.

Illinois, husband of Virginia, son of Mr. and Mrs. Guy L. Roberts, brother of Walter V. and Harold passed away Feb.

24, 1945. Services Flanner Buchanan Mortuary Monday, 1:30 p.m. Friends invited. Burial Crown Hill. Friends may call at mortuary.

RYAN-Emma, of 122 N. Delaware Apt. 4, entered into rest Saturday morning, age 73 years, widow of Franklin P. Ryan, mother of Mrs. Marie Ford, Mrs.

Louise Miller, Mrs. Alma Letcher, Lester, Gene and Oran Ryan. Services Tuesday, 10 a.m., at "PEACE CHAPEL, 2050 E. Mich. St.

Friends are welcome. Burial Old Liberty Cemetery. MOORE MORTUARIES. SCUDDER-2d Lt. Floyd beloved son of Mr.

and Mrs. Floyd O. Scudder, brother of Robert E. Scudder, San Diego, Mrs. Jack A.

Riggs, ville, S.C.; Mrs. Donald Woodard of dianapolis, passed away at Hasley, England, Nov. 13, 1943. Graveside service Washington Park Cemetery, Monday, 3 p.m. Military service by Irvington Post No.

38. ROBERT W. STIRLING SERVICE. TAYLOR-Lourrane, age 79, 319 N. Delaware, beloved wife of Oliver P.

Taylor, passed away Friday, Funeral Monday at. 3:30 p.m. from Shirley Central Chapel, 946 N. Illinois. Cremation, Washington Park Cemetery, TEXTON-Kathryn, 43 S.

Ritter, cousin of Miss Dorothy Bowen, died Saturday at her residence. Funeral Tuesday, 8:15 a.m., at the KIRBY MORTUARY, Meridian at 19th 9 a.m., Our Lady of Lourdes Church. Interment Knightstown, Ind. Friends may call at the mortuary after noon Monday. TUOHY-First Lieutenant Bernard Tuohy, beloved son of Mrs.

Mary McMahon Tuohy, brother of Miss Mary P. Tuohy, killed in action in England, Sept. 8th, 1944. Funeral Tuesday, July 20th from JOHN J. BLACKWELL SONS FUNERAL HOME, 1503 N.

Meridian 8:30 a.m. Requiem mass at St. Phillip of Neri Church, 9 a.m. Interment Holy Cross Cemetery. Friends may call at the funeral home Monday after 2 p.m.

(Please omit flowers.) WARREN-Amy of 330 N. Elder passed away Saturday morning at St. Vincent's Hospital, wife of Elmer Warren, mother of Furman Williams, Packanack Lake, N.J.; Mrs. Mary Coats, Mrs. Betty James, Mrs.

Naomi Bow. Mrs. Ida Mae Shimer, Indianapolis; stepmother of Mrs. Louise Childs, England; Mrs. Josephine Killian, Gerald and Delwin Warren, Indianapolis: Walter Warren, Medora, sister of Luther Henderson, Evansville.

Services Tuesday, 10:30 a.m., at West Side Church of God (W. New York St. and Elder Ave.) Friends invited Burial Floral Park. may call at Conkle Funeral Home, 1934 W. Michigan any time..

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