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The Frankfort Commonwealthi

Frankfort, Kentucky

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RANKORT TUESDAY SEPTEMBER 2 1848 August 22 1848 August 829r2t fer I ranklin County Elector James Monroe total cpt 12 821 $6157 $8500 NEW GOODS! NEW COMMERCIAL it BAGS Rio Coflce 12 bags Havana do 8 bags Java do for saleby bcpt 5 1 UDD CR TENDEN able com authorize the belief that the than at any previous session been greatly improved during extensive and most admirable on of The Vote for the Convention One hundred and ten thousand eight hundred and twenty eight votes were cast for the Convention at the last elec tion At the momentour paper was going to press we received the news of the Great Gathering at ort Harrison It was a most brilliajit affair! Our fellow citizen Gov Letcher was President of the meeting and delivered a mosteloquent and effec tive speech The number present was variously es timated at from fifteen to thirty thousand We shall publish the account next week The ree Son Party of Pennsylvania is at work in earnest The Braggers of the concern de clare that Van Buren will beat Cass in that State Stephen Phillips and John Mills are the candi dates for Governor and Lieut Governor of the ree Soil Party Election in Vermont We have but little news from Vermont As far as heard from the Barnburn ers were ahead of the Cass men and the Whigs were far ahead of the aggregate vote cast for both the wings of Democracy! New England will stand firm in the Whig line ASSISTANT DISTRICT ELECTORS James Campbell of McCracken James Buckner of Christian John Rogers of Barren Joshua Bell of Boyle John Shuck of Marion John A Moore of Rockcastle Hamilton Pope of Louisville City Garrett Davis of Bourbon Landaff Andrews of leming Richard Collins of Mason 1st 2d 3d 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10 th MOLASSES 1 EC BBLS plantation molasses a prime article JO do Sugar House molasses in Store and for sale by September 5 9 TODD CRITTEN BEN OR PRESIDENT ZACHARY TAYLOR of Louisiana OR VICE PRESIDENT MILLARD ILLMORE of New York Small Pox We regret to Jearn that the small pox has appeared in the vicinity of Columbia in Adair County A returned volunteer took the dis ease very soon after his arrival in Adair and died and some twelve or fifteen cases have occurred since his death' The greatest alarm pervades the com munity but we are informed that the physicians are unremitting in their attentions to the sick and every precaution has been taken to prevent the spreading of the disease Departed this life in this place on the 5th insl after a painful and lingering illness Mrs rances Crotciifleld wife' of Mr Crutchfield and daughter' of John and Nancy Huddleson She professed religion and joined the Church in 1833 Many excellent things might be said of this departed sister Suffice it to say that she was no ordinary christrian She was punctual and faithful in attending to the various duties required of her as a wife and as a Christian Consequently she died as other good people in full prospect of a glorious immor tality A RIEND JXZpYeoman will please copy DIED' Consumption at the residence of his brother in Tfigg coun ty Dr Philip Clayton Slaughter aged 23 years and 3 months the youngest child of the late Presley and Patsey Slaughter The health of the deceased for some time had been failing and about a year past it became evident that consumption prey ing upon the vital principle His uniformly mild gentle and' devout deportment secured to him the deep and abiding chris tian attachment of all who knew him But He who doeth all tilings well has bid him fall asleep in Jesus His fail in the meritorious atonement of our blessed Savior remained unsha ken though the conflict of death bid his spirit ascend as we may reasonably hope to join with the church triumphant in an thems of praise to that was Who will not say in the language of the me die the death of the righteous and let my last end be like lie has left an affec tionate wife and infant a few relations and many friends to' mourn ins early Green River Whig In Elizabethtown Kentucky on the 4th of August at the house of her father the Hon Judge Churchill and in the 30th year of her age Mrs Penelope Bastin wife of Ihomas Eastm Esq of Henderson county I Gas Lights VV are glad to see that several of our merchants have already introduced the Gas into their establishments It certainly makes a light very far superior to lamps or candles is far more safe mid is believed to be equally as cheap Mr James Judge lias supplied himself with all the fixtures and materials necessary for taking the Gas into stores and private houses We have ex amined some of the work done under his direction and we declare that wc not anywhere seen better work it is certainly very superior to that heretofore done in this place His prices are mode rate and we hope all who have work to do will give him a call The Annual Meeting of the Bourbon County Agricultural air takes place on the 27th 28th and29thof September The most liberal premiums are given by the members of this Association and its meetings never fail to attract the attention of those interested in the agriculture manufactures and the improvement of the stock of Kentucky It is but a few years since very nearly every county in central Kentucky held a air as often as once in a year To the people of Old Bourbon alone belongs the honor of having continued without interruption these very interesting and profitable meetings The great Telegraph Case was decided on Saturday last Judge Monroe delivered an opinion granting the injunction prayed for by plainants trial of Shadrach Barns for the murder of AUU 1 1 Lx 11 CiO Ml II 1UIU 11 LI 1 Uvout! IlcX I The Attorney MajT Turner and i Col Caperton are in the prosecution and (Majors Turner Harris Runyon anb Col Smith in the defence Rich Chronicle of the 1th inst rr or the iiouir of nznn SENTATTV i I lake this method or informing you that I am a candidate lor the office of Assistant Clerk of the House or Representatives at tlie ensuing session To those vlio ale not acquainted with me I inter them to the following letter uuu Hespeotfullj your obedient seivanf JOHN KING VznoviLles ept 5 ISIS II BOURBON XVlirsKISV ft BBLS for sale by TODD CRITTENDEN Septembers 4 a DUDLEY Adft Gen ana Pres Ji jtf The Louisville Democrat of the 4th says: It is now thought that Gen Taylor will carry Ken tucky The Whigs of this State will have the hon or of standing alone The Louisville Democrat of the 7th says: To morrow we shall probably hear from 'Ver mont That State is irredeemably Whig as much so a Kentucky L' On Monday Mr Harney declared thar Kentucky would stand alone On Wednesday he declared that Vermont would stand with Kentucky What wilt he say next! Such declarations as that the Whigs of Kentucky will stand alone in the Presidential election can work no possible good to the Demo cratic party but are calculated to mislead them and deceive them into acts and declarations of which they will be very much ashamed few months hence If we are not mistaken sorne of Mr po litical friends willfor many days to come lament the hour they listened to his calculations concerning the result in Kentucky in August They bled freely be cause of their faith A Jl The Vote of New York The Journal of Com merce whose judgment in this matter is entitled to great weight The Washington Union be gins now to talk of carrying New York for Cass Butthis is impossible IT WILL NEITHER GO OR CASS NOR VAN BUREN BUT OR TOt ISVILLE MARKET OICE THE LOUISVILLE COURIER riday Evkmwg September 8 1848 5 BAGGING AND ROPE Holders are firm in their rates We hear of light sales on orders at J4 and 6 cts also a sale of 25 Slaughter Carpenter 8c Co JV 529 MAIN ST OPPOSITE BANK KENTUCKY RE now receiving their all supply of HARDWARE CUT LERY and ANCY GOODS both American and Eorein hich comprises a large well selected and assorted stock con si iting of almost every variety of Hardware to be found in the Western country which we propose to sell at a very small ad vruice on cost for cash or good paper on six months Merchants echanics and others buying will do well to give us a call We take pleasure in showing our Goods and are confident of being able to offer unusual inducements Louisville Sept 12 831 5t ch Lou Jour PI VCR BR 14 CASK of superior Peach an excellent article for branding fruits in store and for sale bv Sept 12 T3DD CRITTENDEM TO THE IHE1IBERS ELECT TO THE LEGISLA TURE KENTUCKY I am a candidate for re election to the office Clerk of the House of Represenlives To those who are not acquainted with me I refer them to those who have been mem bers of that body heretofore and to Thomas Helm who has been the Principal Cierk for several years JOHN HERNDON NEW ORK HOUSE LOUISVILLE in HE subscribers have erected a NEW PORK HOUSE nt Ju the upper end of Main street nearly opposite the establish ment of Messis Huffman Maxey Co and are fully prepared do an extensive business This establishment is upon such a scale as to enable us to kill an pack from 1010 to 1500 Hogs per day ETTER LAWRENCE September 12 831 3m ch Lou Cour Hon Ben Hardin A correspondent writes to us to know the services of this gentleman cannot be had in some of the counties of the 9th and 10th We know not what his present engage ments are but we feel authorized to say that he is not idle nor will he be so long as he is able to raise his arm or wag his tongue for Old Zack Gen Taylor has not a more devoted friend in all Kentucky than IXIr Hardin and we think we can promise that he will visit our friends in the counties named by our correspondent unless his services are already en gageddn other quarters REGULAR LOUISVILLE PACKET THE Packet BLUE WING will resume her former days of departure Leaves Landing every Monday at 10 Leaves Oregon samn dav at 19 nV1nr1i loovno Vi nir fort every Tuesday and riday at 9 01 height 01 passage apply on Board or to Sept 12 831 tf JNO WATSON Co Danville Tribune and Lexington Atlas will copy above adver tisem*nt (SIIOENB ERG NAILS KDGS of Nails assorted from 3d to 2d tO for sale hy Sept 5 TODD CRITTENDEN MARRIED At Stockdale in Shelby county Aug 22 by the Rev Breckinridge 1) WWxu Esq of Owensboro Ky to Miss SarahS daughter of Col Todd LARD KEGS No 1 Lard 25 barrels do for saleby UV Sept5 TODD CKIITENDEN AGRICULTURAL AIR THE COUNTY AGRICULTURAL will hold its 13TII ANNUAL AIIt upon its ground near Paris cn JVednpday Thursday and riday the 27th 28lh and 99th days of September instant 7 IRST BXHI BITION Domestic ManufacturesSECOND DA Gattie Sheep Hogs and arming Imple ments i THIRD DAY Horses Mules and Jack stock ITT3 Auction Sales will be bad each day of such articles as may be presented for that purpose September 12 83I 2t 7 1 BROWS" ACaptain Cox and Judge rench mctin a political TO TUBJtEMBBR discussion at Mt Sterling onthe 4tli inst and from I all accounts the latter was very severely handled The Judge it will be recollected was the Democrat ic candidate for Congress last year and was an ardent Taylor man The Captain was the Whig candidate and also a Taylor man The Judge urged it upon the people that the Captain would not hold out fur Gen Taylor that the time would come when it would be seen that he alone was the the true friend of General Taylor The of these thing JE it in wind thnt the Presidential Election CONTINUES BUT ONE DAY Rvwcniber the TUES jlAY nfter the IRST MONDAY IN NOVEMBER REGULAR LOUISVILLE PACKET tv THE Packet SEA GULL resume her former days of departure Leaves Landing every Saturdav at 8 Leaves Oregon same day a 10 Leaves rankfort everv Stindayand Wednesday at9 oi fi eight or passase apply on board or to Sept 12 831 tf JNO WATSON Co HEAD QUABWS Sept 5 1848 STOUT feSHLELBS HAVE just opened their first operatio'is inNew EuJl Goods AT IIEAD QUARTEJRS! in chased by one of the firm and the prices this fall are abso lutely luinous to the manufacturers No need now of beating qowneveiy body cant help being satisfied and striped Black Silks Changeable do Plaid Silks at only fifty cents Cashmeres and de Lames Merinocs and Silk Plaids Bombazines and Lustres plain Black Alpacas at only 20c striped and plaid American and English prints Ginghamsand California Plaids Broadcloths a good coat and trimmings" for and $8 ancy Cassimere pants $2 50 and $3 00 and plain black at the same prices vestings of all styles Cravats Gloves and very cheap Hats and Caps Capetmgs Rugs ic kc STOUT SHIELDS September 12 8ul by 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 io period of twelve months if so ordered by of the peace 4 Turner Roberts a free man off color was arres ted atLouisville a few days since under this statute and failing to give the security veqtiried by law wasl sold for the space of twelve months" HATS AT I ASHION 1S4S My ALL STYLE HATS will be ready for sale on Satur day September id The style will be ver genteel and Hie qual ity at least equal to anything the establishment has heretofore pro iuced As I manufacture several qualities of Silk Hats vary ing in price gentlemen are particularly requested to examine the different grades as I wish the purchaser to get an article worth the money bepays WILLIAM DODD III Main street three dears below ourth Cincinnati September 5 1848 B30 6t Secretary or State Governor first official act was the appointment of Orlando Brown Esq to the office of of State The people of Kentucky are familiar with the name and character of Col Bro wn In connexion with Colonel Hodges he established The Com in 1833 and continued his connexion with it as Editor and co proprietor until 1842 As a chaste forcible and vigorous political writer he has no superior in the West and the Commonwealth under his administration rapidly won its way to the front rank of the American Press and was distin tinguished throughout Kentucky and the Union as a just honest and most efficient advocate of Whig principles As an Editor he was firm and decidediahis devotion to and his advocacy of the princi ples of his party as a controversialist he was at all times and under all circ*mstances dignified cour teous tolerant and forbearing A native of Kentucky distinguished for his po litical ability for his integrity for his fidelity and his high social virtues he will dignify and adorn the high place he has been called to fill He is in all respects worthy to be (as he now is 1 office) the confidential friend and adviser of John Crittenden a man whom the people of Kentucky have always delighted to honor II Clay Harlan has been appointed with the assent and approval of the Governor as Assistant and Clerk to the Secretary GREGORY CO Managers of the Kentucky Stale Lotteries Schemes for the Week ending September 23 IS IS Monday Capital Tuesday Capital Wednesday Capital Thursday Capital riday Capital Saturday Capital Mr Robinson will postpone the opening of his Seminary till Monday next (18th) in order to af ford full time for the new building to be perfectly dry His teachers are all on the ground ready to commence operations ell laHv 1 1U4XS 14 I ill lecommemlm the bearer John King to the kindness and i He c*ntnin rnminrMrl fhn TtwLrP nf enmn "a us roi some years past having acted as denu uaptain rcmin4rUInC Judge Of sone ty Clerk Hl the office Ol the Clerk of the Weodfojd Cifiixiil Cornu sand wonderful as the fact may ap 1 wuinidelityand abil JI It It affOl (13 US ittsTdCtlOU to bear testimony tn his ntinliftrn i ao ntm to ltn 1 1 a 1 in every sense of the word JOS KINKICAD THOS PORI EH CALEB LOGAN UlVSSES TUKXE1? HERMAN BOWMAR Jn A Banter to Clerks of Circuit and County Courts Messrs Landram McKee Deputies in the Circuit and County Court offices of Garrard county have published a challenge to Clerks of the State generally the object of which is to ascertain the manner in which the books "and papers in the several oflices are kept their general order and the facility with which a desired paper or a record may be found with a view that in formation may be collected and such reforms maybe made as the result of this exhibit may: seem to de mand The object is quite a good one We shall publish the proposition entire in our next Kentucky John Atkinson lias sold his interest in this paper to Crenshaw Esq The Reveille is a good Whig paper and wo it success under new proprietor Mr Crenshaw is a member elect to the Legislature from Barren coun is a gentleman of fine talents and an unflincliirio Wbig Eclipse of the Moon There will be a eclipse of (he moon to night commencing fifty three minutes after ten and ending thirty minutes after one Wednesday morning VKlSliRt ING SUGAR fl BBLS of No 7 Loaf an excellent article for pro IV very cheap in store and for sale bv TODD CHITTENDEN September 5 1848 by LOOK OUT OR It is strongly recommended that purchasers go to the regular Agents if they wish to procure the genuine article Counterfeits are abroad in various shapes some having a Coatiiiffof Suear to make them go down! Be sure also to ask for WRIGHT Indian Vegetable Pills for there are not wanting those who are unprincipled enough to call any miserable trash for the sake of gain The genuine is for saleby MICHAEL BARSTOW and CRUTCHER sole Agents for rankfort and by Agents in every part of the United States wDEn Co of Louisville and EUCH TWANGER Co of New York are not Agents for this medicine and we cannot guarantee as genuine that offered by thorn lor sale The authorized Agent in Louisville is NOBLE whowiH supply dealers at the wholesale rate Principal Office 169 Race Street Philadelphia of Travelling Imposter July 11 by of coital want or superior merit The citizens of rankfort can testify of me A TARRANT Off for BEING desirous of removing South Lam disposed to sell a bargain in the arm upon which I now live lying in Trim ble county immediately on the road from New Castle to Carroll ton twelve miles from the former and eight miles from the Ut ter place containing about OUR HUNDRED ACRES mostly under fence and a fair portion set in grass being well timbered and well watered it is capable of being made a good Stock aim A particular discription is deemed unnecessary as one disposed to purchase will no doubt view the premises TERMS accommodating ELIJAH Sept 5 830 7 1 Lexington Atlas insert to amount of 82 50 and charge this of flee The Kentucky Military Institute The Ses sion of this excellent Institution commenced on Monday the 4th instant under the most flattering auspices Eiyhty five Cadets reported themselves at the opening of the school and assurances have been received that class will be larger The Barracks have the recent vacation arrangements for the mess hall have been been completed Jndeed Colonel Allen seems resolved to use every means at his command to add to the comfort of those under his charge 1 By reference to an Order in another column from the Adjutant General it will be seen that Prof Zerrlaut has been appointed to the vacant chair of Modern Languages Prof has been engaged for two years past'at College1 Cincinnati and bears with him the highest testi monials? A' The advertisem*nt of the Institute now oir the fourth page will be corrected in our next 4 Human During the past week I I Keely kept our people very full of excitement on the subject of Magnetism llis public lectures are attended by old and young and the public inter est in the subject seems to grow every day We have hoard several gentlemen lecture on Mesmer ism and we have witnessed the experiments of sev eral but we have not at any former period felt a of the reality of the mesmeric influence Having attended several of Mr public and private lectures we cannot any longer doubt unless we resolve to refuse to believe such testimony as would cleay satisfy us of the truth of any other controverted theory or fact That "Mr Keely mes merises his subjects is perfectly clear and that he seems to have unlimited control over them mental ly and physically while under the magnetic influ ence is to ourmind equally clear How far Human Magnetism may be made useful as a remedial agent we are not prepared to say There can be no doubt that Mr Keely has perform ed many very astonishing cures and we think he has accomplished enough to entitle his lectures and experiments to the earnest attention of scientific gentlemen of all classes He proposes remaining with us during the present week and we hope that all who are skeptTcal on this subject will give him a fair and impartial hearing Mr Keely requests5us to say that he will give Public Exhibitions on Tuesday: Wednesday and Saturday nights The Public Exhibition of his class will come off on Saturday night All per sons wishing to learn the science will have an am ple opportunity as he intends to devote Thursday and riday nights to teaching his second class His Asylum will be continued each day at lOj rYUlLY lALOUH A SUPERIOR ARTICLE of fresh amily lour alway'son hand and for sale by TODD CRITTENDE Sept J2 VJNEGAK so BBLS Cider Vinegar for sale by aY i i lv Septembers TODD CRITTENDEN DOUBLE JtEh lMJ) MJ4 5 BONES double refined Loaf Sugar 10 do do do crushed Sugar from steam Sugar refiuerv New York in store and fur sale very low by '1 URITENDEN Sept 5 TURK HOUSE lIAirS BAGGED Pork House Hams in store and for saleby Sept 5 1 ODD CRITTENDEN LAND WARRANTS TWO LAND WARRANTS weresome time since mislaid or stolen from the steamboat Isaac Shelby Said Warrants were in the names of Mrs Mana Bostwick mother of John Ty ler deceased and William Price and were fully assigned in blank so as to enable any one to dispose of them Purchasers of Warrants in the West are requested to give me information if they have purchased such Warrants and requested to apprehend any one proposing to sell said Warrants and they will be amply rewarded JAMES MONROE rankfort Sept 5 2t Cincinnati Atlas and Louisville Courier will insert 2t and for ward bills to this office NOTICE COALLWHOMITMAY is hereby given that a petition will be presented to the next General Assembly of Kentucky for a new county formed out of the territory in the lltowincf bound arv: Begmrmur nn thft Ihir tatwMn Mpi wy anff 1 inderson counties where it crosses Salt river thence with the laid line to the westeruly corner thence a direct line to the mouth of Crooked creek on Salt river from thence a direct line where the Nelson and Spencer line crosses creek from thence a straight line to the mouth of Long Lick creek thence with the said creek and up the same to within one mile of vhere tlie road leading from Maxville to Springfield crosses a aid creek from thence a straight line to Mill on Chan in river from thence a straight line to the beginning I September 1 2 831 3t MANY CITIZENS Lexington and rankfort Railroad Com pany lie Stockholders of the Lexington and rankfort Rlailroad Company are hereby notified that a call of Ten Dolars on each sliaic of stock lias been made and is required to be paid to the Tsesurer in Lexington on or before the 6th day of October 18 18 By order of the Board of Directors A GRINSTEAD Sept 12 831 td ch Obs Bep I'JDEIi HM IB 5BRLS superior Cider silted for family purposes in store and lor sale by TODD CKITJBXDHA Sept 12 Yi Young Seminary milE subscriber having made arrangements for the immedh 1 nte erection of suitable buildings fr the purpose nu the beautiful grounds lately occupied hy the Bev Bullock in South rankfort proposes coniunction with MISS IT BROWN (so long and favorably known to the citizens' of rankfort as a teacher) to open on the 12th September a Young Seminary He will secure the services of such other Teachers as to place this School at once on a level with the best emale Schools in the country both in respect to the solid and the ornamental branches of emale Education Tcrnis of Tuit ion per ScMMion of 5 nuinths In the Senior Classes In the Junior Classes 15 Instruction in Music Drawing and Painting on the most mod erate tei ms 41 1 Arrangements will be made for the Boarding of pupils with the Superintendent and Teachers on favorable terms 8 ROBINSON rankfort Aug 8 826 tf LARD! rp HE highest market price cash or trade given for No Laid sept 2 'JODI) OKI I I EN TO THE MEMBERS ELECT THE HOUSE REPRESENT tTlVCS Gentlemen I am a candidate for the Assistant Clerkship in the House of Representatives at the coming session If I should be elected I pledge myself to use every exertion to render satis faction A refer you to the members of the last session generally as: to my qualifications Respectfullyyoui george McKinney September 18 Tickets $2 00 September 19 Tickets $2 50 September 20 Tickets $2 00 September 21 Tickets $1 00 September 22 Tickets $5 00 September 23 Tickets $1 00 NO 39 IXToticc 7 rXlLL fm feited to the Commonwealth or Kentucky on Monday the 4th day of December 1848 at the Court lloue tom in Mnnfordsvtlle Hart county (being County Court day) 1 he following tracts of land lying in Hart county for the non payment of the taxes thereon for the year JP46 unless the taxes theieou togetbei with 150 per cent interest and 25 cents for fach tract (the pi fee foi this advertisem*nt) is sooner ward 90 acrcs Barrensvalued at $740 tax John 272 acres Green river valued at $316 tax acrcs' Grecn river valued at tax $1 18' Sept 12 83I 2am3m DENJ COPELIN LIQUORS 1 Cask snp Mad Wine 1 do do Y'Ly 1 Sup Sherry do 1 Sup Port do EE'f 1 1' Pure Hollard Gin 20 Bbl Cin Rectified Whiskev for sale by Sept 5 TODD CRITTENDEN TOBACCO 5 Boxes best Baltimore Tobacco 4 11 J2 Lump do 4 5 do for sale by Sept 5 TODD CRITTENDEN NEW ORLEANS SUGAR 40 Brls prime Sugar' i 20 half bids in store and forsale by TODD CRITTENDEN Sept 5 fcIIERiri 4 A of Ha5din county I will on the 3d Monday "in December next at Hie Com House door 111 Elizabeth to (being Court day) forfeit to the State of Kentucky the lug tracts of land and town lots for the non payment of taxes 1 3 144 acics Clear creek valued at $300 tax due jliom 1846 I 2 Wm Evans 40 acres Rough creek valued at MOO: tax due from 144 3 Samuel Allen 00 acics Valley cieek valued atnoo tSv duc from 1846 4 John Dewitt 50 acres creek valued at S30 tax due from 1846 duelfom U1CkS 75 creek valued at $110 tax 6 Dennis Smith 25 acres Sandy valued at $25 tax due from Jolb 7 Marshall (free man) 50 acres Rudes creek valued at tax due from 1846 dtm ValUed at i 9 Mahal a illmorn I fnwn Inf viikai(' lax due from 1846 31 jtax due 783 creok valued at $785 I a 1 1 1 Ccdar creck valued at S225 tax duo i HOm 184b I Joseph Thomas 140 acres Otter creek valued at $300 tax' cue nom lb LI Jilizaheth Auberry CO acres Rough creek valued at S50 14 Linsey Carter o0 acres Meeting creek valued at $50 tax ciuc om Jbio Voitrees creelt valued al $21'0 1JOUSk at $150 ip 125 acres Bough creek valuid at $350 48 Robert Waisham 50 acres Sniders creek valued' at tax due from 1846 19 aiah Peleis200 acres Rough creek valued at $100 tax due orn lb46 20 Ed ward Wilard 1 town lot DramsviUo valued at lax due from 1846 21 Joseph Reed 100 acres Rolling ork valued at $41)0 tax due from 1844 22 Ann Parks 180 acres Beech ork valued at $160 tax due from 1846 1 The above and foregoing tracts of land and town lots I will forfeit to the State of Kentucky as aforesaid unless the taxes are paid including 150 per cent interest and 25 cents for advertising each tract and lot Given under my hand this 4th Scutember 148 HAYS for sn HALL II September 831 2am3m Public Sale THE subscriber having sold his farm in ranklin cour'ty near Bnck Run ami the ranklinand Scutt line will sei fat public sale at his residence on the22d of this month a la rge stock of Horses Cattle Hogs and Saccp some are fine Drar ght Horses and some fine Brood Marei such as are adapted a arm Also a fine Jack Black Hawk seven vears old past out of thorough bred Jennet Rachael JacV Also a fine Stalion some twenty odd head of Cattle! a nr ir of Oxen some six or more tine Miichcrs: from 121) to 150 Iw ad of Hogs Oats Hay Corn all his Haiming utensils consist) ng of a Waggon nearly new a good Gart Plows Iso a portion of his Household and kitchen furniture TLRJta U1 SALE ill be Hueial and made known the day of sale HAGGIN September 2t ii arm for Salo JSSW will sel1 arm on the Kentucky river 1 about two miles from rankfort it contains about SIX HUNDRED AND THIRTY ACRES and is well adapted fora Stock arm Persons wish ing to purchase will be able to get a bargain ur chasers are invited to call and examine for themselves One fourth in four months and the balance in one two and three years negotiable paper rankfort Sent 5 1848 830 tf THO PAGE Great Bargains in Dry Goods KNOTT HAS THIS DAY commenced receiving his stock of ALL GOODS which have been purchased at greatly reduced prices in the Eastern cities His stock will be very lare and well assorted consistingin part of the following articles: A full assortment of Black and ancy Silks some entirely Black Silk Cardinals trimmed with black Lace various Lace Capes new also new style rench Worked a full assortment of printed and plain Cash meres rench Merinos Coburg Cloths and Lttstres a full as sortment of Shawls long and a large lot of Black Laces Llack and Colored Silk ringes and Gimps Thread Lisle Swiss and Jackonet Laces Edgings and Insertings a tUll as sortment of VV hite Goods such as Swiss Cambrick and Plaid orbed Swiss white and also Embroidered Lobinet for party a full assortment of Gloves and Ho Lrnnens Linen Sheetings Damask Table Linen LinenToweling Clash 5 4 4 8 4 10 4 and 12 4 Cotton Sheet ing a large assortment of line Bed also common Negi Blankets a full assortment of hile and colored Curtain Goods among which are a tew sets of fine Lace a large) lot of I rints bleached and brown Muslins than he ever brought to tins market A full assortment of Black and Colored CLOTHS C4SSI MERES and VESTINGS in which are some fine party Vests A full assortment of CARPETING and RUGS new oatterns LOOR OIL CLOTHS 64 and 124 Bockiuga large fol of GLASS and QUEENSWARE amongst which are a few rench and Iron Stone Dinner Sets also a few fine gilt and plain Tea Shoes and Boots A large lot of coarse HOOTS and SHOES for negroes fine Kid Buskins Congress Gaithers Kid Slippers die Also every description of Goods for wear All the above mentioned goods together with many others not enumerated will be sold at a small advance on cost Jor CASH or to approved customers on the usual credit Peisunsin want of Bai gains in bis line would do well to call soon as he is detci mined to sell off this importation in time to make another this fall rankfort August 22 828 tf HATS! A EW of Messrs Becbo celebrated New ot bilk Hats all style a very beautiful article Just ieteived and tor sale at my Hat Store Main Street rankfurt Sept 5 31 JOHN BALTZELLi i SHELBY 'AllM OR SALE IW ILL sell my farm in Shelby county Kentucky within a half mile of Shelbyville containing TWO HUNDRED ACRES It is in a fine state of cultivation and produces hemp equal to any land in the county Upon it is a double brick dwelling with eight rooms ami all necessary out buildings Persons desiriiw to engage in farming and at the same time enjoy first rate factif ties for the education of their families this a most de sirable situation as there is a College and three emale Schools of a high order and extensively' patronized in the village There are churches of five denominations usually enjoying regular ser vicesevery Sabbath or further information address the sub scriber at Louisville or the farm will be shown by the present occupant to those who may call upon him on the premises September 5 1848 830 9t SAMUEL MESSICK Ch Pres Heraldl MACKEREL BLS No 3 Mackerel 15 half bbls No 2 in store and for XV saleby Sept 5 1 ODD CRH TENDEN DYDRALLIC LIME BRLS Louisville Hydraulic Line just received for XV saleby Sept 12 TODD CRITTENDEN Newport Taxes A LIST of lots and parts of lots In the town of Mewport In nty Campbel' and State of Kentucky with the due thBr1 for the year 184R together with be hJU 6 of said lota and part of lots as far as lh7ndmi l'rOn the taxes are now due and Snu 11 08 J4 35 and 30 valued at 1300 A amount Utlt pcU amount due ames ft 98 and OS) valued at $500 BSD amount" at amount due $105 due ctsJOhnI1't'OSl'jUan'i valued at $150 SSD VJucd al A amount due $330 SkS ft065 valued at SIRS SSD due $111 at SL5 due 45 cts valued at 875 SSD due 45 cts falued at $1200 A amount 5751 and 55' valuedat S'MO NWA uih No vaued A and 163 valued at $300 BVA due half at A Wm vaIuod at 5 0 Pi due Clark Ldward No la valued at $450 A due $270 Chamberlin I heodore half of No 60 valued at S2d0X Pi amount due $1500 Chamberlin Theodore part of No 62 valued at $100 amount due $600 Chamberlin Theodore part of No 126 valued at $10000 amount due $6'0 No I valued at $190 BVA due $114 Chillis Alexander No 2 valued at $150 SSD due 90c Clnllts Alexander Nos2 and 3 valued at $250 uue bl50 i Ce2laJ Antonift Nos 5 and 7 valued at $250 No 2 uue 150 Celia Antonia No 41 valued at $200 duo SI 20 Leila Antonia Nos 62 63 61 and 65 valued at $1200 PSD amount due $720 Cochran Andrew No 16 valued at S35O McA due $210 Coulter iuagan Nos 56 and 57 valued at $200 ain't due B1SO Chilk Powel No 14 valued at $200 McT due $120 and heirs No 144 valued at $100 SSD due $940 1 Depue William No 132 valued at due $210 Dowd Bryant heirs part of No 15 valued at $500 amount due $30) Disney William NoslOand 12 valued at $1600 PSA amount due $060 Depre John No 136 valuedat $300 due $1 PO Ehresmaun No 150 valued at $150 A duo OOcts Eubank James No 1 valued at $d00 due $480 atherstein No55 valued at $150 dueOOcts rasier Thomas 8 and 65 valued at $100 amount due $240 Gugle Jacob Nos 133 131 and 135 valued at $1000 SSD amount due $600 $Gugie Jacob Nos 43 and 48 valued at $300 SSD due Gugle Jacob Nos 240 and 241 valued at $250 due $150 Jacnh Nns 4K anA AC nlnoA $150 Craves Henry heirs Nos 144 and 145 valued at $:00 Gable Conrad part of No 18 valued at $600 PSA due Guierpart of No 12 valued A due 81cts Good Rosanna No 0 valued at $168 BV due $100 Girablen Lewis Nos 1 and 2 valued at $450 PSD amount due $270 Giralden Andrew No 30 valued at $250 PSD amount due 150 Gross John heirs Nos 7 and 8 valued at $1500 A due $900 Heiman II and William Nos 61 and 62 valued at $1400 amount due $840 Heiman John No 95 valued at $C00 SSD due $120 Heitman Nos 96 and 97 valued at $650 due $391 Hendricks No 79 valued at $400 due $240 Hicks Howard Nos 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 and 3 valued at $5080 amount due Bohenbergcr John No 238 valued at £50 amount due $1 50 Hoffman Charles part of 6 and 39 valued at $1100 SA amount due 56 60: Harrison James Nos 221 and 222 valuedat $470 BVA: amount due $2 82 IJoofnagle George No 176 valued at A amount due $1 80 Heisman No 36 valued at $150 amount due 90 Howe Samuel No 244 valued at $160 BVA amount due 06 Hulervcr Henry No valuedat $900 amount due $5 40 Hall James No 150 valued at $300 OP amount due $1 80 Hampieton Mrs part of 1 valued at $400 McA amount due $2 40 Harvey Da vid part of 1 valued at $150 McA amount due 90 Herrington Cardin partof 21 valued at $250 amount due $1 50 Hinglcback Nos 14 and 15 valued at $400 PSD amount due $2 40 Ithncr Andrew No 10 valued at $25 McT amount due 50 Kittcr Garland No80 valued at $400 due $2 40 Kilp John No 9 valued at $400 McT due $2 40 KrosiausNo 98 valued at $300 due $1 80 Kolthrop Peter No 129 valued at $2U0 BVA due 1 20 'Kaine Eugene No 139 valued at $170 11 A amount due $1 2 Kross John Nos 154 and 155 valued at $300 BV A amount 80 KoumanstSt Korsrnann No 157 valued at $190 A amount due $1 14 Kerr George heirs partof42 valued at $6000 due $3 60 Keen Jos part of 12 13 and 19 valued at $2900 due $17 40 Knight BenjNo 95 valued at due $1 20 Lenhart John No 15 valued at $800 I) due $1 80 Lewis Wm Cpart of 17 valued al $150 McA due 90 Lefford Herman No 7 valued at $600 McT due $3 00 Lemon A Nos 12 and 13 valued at $200 SSD due $1 20 Lawler John No27 valued at $125 NS due 75 Leslie Wm No 111 valued at $200 Lamihtre Wm Nos 98 and 99 valued SD amount due $180 Lanctry WmNol90 valued at $110 due 70 Morris No 177 valued at $250 due $l50 McBride Stephen No 23 valued at $200 McT due $120 McKinney No 114 valued at $223 BVA due $133 McKinsey No 151 valued at $185 BVA due filn Miller No 271 valued at $225 A due $135 Waylay Peter No 22 valued at $150 due 90 Miller Henry Nos 16 and 17 valued at $400 PSD due $240 Moore Bernard part of 118 valued at $6000 due $360 Mtdvin Jas Nos 11 and 13 valued at $250 McT due $150 Montigue Ann part of 61 valued at $1200 due $720 Miller David No 76 valued at $150 due 90 i Morgan A No 40 valued at $150 duo 90 5 Nimans Jas No 59 valued at $125 due 75 Osteel John i of No 8 valued at 1100 PS A due $660 Owens rctzpart of 29 valued at $750 A amount due $150 powers John part of 49 due $180 Pence Jacob Nos 240 241 and 242'valued at $385 VA due $235 Parrot John No 215 valued at $15 5 A duo 93 Parkerson A part of 2 valued at $250 PS due $150 Presley James part of 26 and 61 valued due 270 Phillips Wm No 104 valued due 75 Powers John No 50 valued due 75 Randolph Richard No 26 valued A amount duo $20 Rose George Nos 6 and 8 valued at $300 No 2 due $180 i Rome Wm part of 102 valued at $100 due 60 Redder Thos part of 07 valued at $150 0 due 90 Rankin Wm Nos 238 and 236 valuedat $250 SSD due $150 Stanaman taring No 158 valued at $150 due 90 Shoemaker Edmund No 64 valued at $350 due $210 Snyder Thomas part of 132 valued at $800 0 due $480 Smith George No 3 valued at $800r due $480 Smith Geo for Shoness Nus 4 5 valued at $450 due $20 Smith Jocob No 2 valued at $700 due $420 Soward WNo 1 valued at $200 LR due $120 Shofstall Henry No 141 valued at $75 I) due 45c Stricker Isaac part of No 1 valued at $1500 due $900 Star Edmund part of No Off valued at £700 due $420 Shafer Adam part ofNo224 valued at $175 A due $105 Shotman Stephen No GO valued at $100 due $2 10 Schuagman No 82 valued at $175N due $105 Smith Valentine No 215 valued at $175 due $105 Shtel Michael No 18 valued at $200 1) due $120 fehroll MilhuNo 33 valued due $150 Selle Wm No 91 6c 95 valued at $350 PSD due $2 10 Spcigle Wm No 112 valued at $150 due 90c Schoen Charles No 215 valued at $200 due 20 Shearwood John part of No 97 valued at $200 due $120 7 Stiles John part of No 14 valued at $250 MA due $150 Sweat John part of No 14 valued at $150 Seibert Christian No 6 valued at $125 due 75c a Schol Martin No 2 valued at $125 No 2 due 75c Shinels Joseph No 4 5 valued at $325 due $195 5 Strunk 11 No 37 valued at $800 SSD due Shofrtall Henry No 141 valued at $75 SSD due 45c i'ice Theobald No 7 valued at $650 due $390 Tippercan Samuel No 103 valued at $500 due $300 Tama No 112 valued at $160 duofOGc Toma Constata part of No 103 valued at $500 due $300 i Tiuker rederick No 13r valued at $100 McA due $240 A 'Thornton No 5 valued at $296 A duo' $177 Trindle Alex part of No40 valued at $450 due $J70 'Taft No 70 valued A due $420 Tomhoff Adam No 1 15 valued at 00 am due $120 Unkrant Hamond No 236 237 valued at $700 SSD 4 Tippenhoar valued at $600 No 2 due $360 Unkrant Hiram No 34 valued at $200 Due $120 Versing Simon Nos 203 and 204 valued at $700 SSD due $420 Winter IlcnryJI Nos 91 and 95 valued at $440 due $270 Waxier Thomas part of 17 valued SSD duo $120 caver Peter and John and Casper Marshall Nos 10 and 47 valucd at $1000 due 00 caver Henry No 2b2 valued al $350 SS AVcavcr Henry Jr Nus 161 ami 162 valued at $3008 8 due $120 Williams No 16 valued at $700 McA due $120 Walker and Rian No 25 valued ut $300 McA due $180 Notice is hereby given to the aforesaid owners unknown own ers and all others unless the amount of Hie taxes assessed against the lotsand parts of lots aforesaid together with the cost of publication are paid on or before the 15th day of Octo ber next application will be made to the Mayor of the town of nknpuH iu uuocmciiL iui tnc sani tax aim coat against the owner or owners of said lots and parts of lots on the 20th of October J8 18 in favor of the Board of of the town of Newport Kr JAMES PERRY Collector of the Town of Newport Ky September 12 831 4 Vbrsah rrs Woodford co Ky The undersigned members of the Versailles Bar take pleasure in recommending the bearer John King to the kindness and cnnRiuprntinii ftl nnv lias been known to ns for vnn I XCL 111 liK ttLlCM a ut i Urt ix Liie vv nut 11 i i lrHll nut i the duties of which position he discharged with fidelityand abil iv it afrurita no i ''VU UUQ LUaLltllUII 11 II I (I UH I ILrt pear to those who know him he blushed and huuq his pons as Clerk to his worth and to the fact that he is a gentleman Ill everv sense nf the TV nr1 TOC ie i A iv head tn BOXES No 1 Soap for sale bv 1 4 Septembers CRH TENDLN Packages of Bools and Shoes BAKER CO 453 MAIN STREET LOUISVILLE KENTUCKY SHOULD inform their friends and the public that they are now in receipt of thfir fall stock of BOOTS and SHOEScomprising one of the largest and best selected assortments ever offered for sale in this market They would also inform their friends that for the purpose of inaiwracturiug and purchasing their goods at the lowest possible rates they have opened a Store at 73 Pearl street Boston They would respectfully solicit purchasers to call and examine goods and prices as they feel confident they can sell them goods at as low prices as they can be obtained at in any jobbing horse in the United States All orders directed to them here or to i heir house in Boston will be promptly and satisfactorily at ten led to sptember 12 8t ch Lou Jour To the armers and Drovers of Ken tucky rpiHE unlersigned having erected a large Pork Packing Es tablishnient in Covington on the bank ol' Lickin river rib of Dolling Mill inform the armers and Drovers of tl State of Kentucky that they will at all times through the ason be ready to purchase" PRIM CORN ED HOGS on re most liberal terms They also intend to carry on during the ensuing' season the Clpmmission Pork Packing business and trust that from the in i Imate fcuowlcdge of the requisite manufacture for theoreign well as Home markets possessed by the Principals thosevwhing to pack will find it to their interests to intrust their 1usineas to them Attached to the is a large Slaughter House Cjanable of accommodating 700 Hogs daily Large Pens will also be erected on the adjoining ground for security of the hogs Sellers of Hogs from the State of Kentucky will do well to allon us before incurring the expense of ferriage to the Ciucin i tali markets and they may at all times rest assured that they hall be dealt with in the most liberal manner The undersighed expect that their Establishment will be open I the transaction ef business about the 20th of October iThey urge on the notice of Drovers the propriety of not over Iriviog the Hogs so that they can be brought in as little fevered is possible We would invite the armers to call on us previous to 1 he disposal of their straw as we shall require a large quantityf it MILWARD OLDERSHA Covington Sept 12 831 4m Ch OJ OR the state at large ARCHIBALD DIXON of Henderson WILLIAM GRAVES of Jefferson DISTRICT ELECTORS Livingston Iandsey District Jamfs Johnson 1 McLean District Thomas Lisle District Bryan Young District William Chenault District McHenry District Leslie Combs District Andrew Trumbo District WiLHAM Marshall TT IS I li drtLui uuvtaavti helm i'roiessionai envaire merits which had been much neglected during the Isaac Agee has been laid over until Tuesday cana denied us the pleasure of this presence at the Inauguration We are gratilied to learn tnat he is in fine health and hopes to pay us a visit during this fall made an able and a most vigorous canvass and everywhere met fully the expectations of his Whig friends and he well deserved the noble endorsem*nt given him by his party i i WHEAT! WII THE highest market price will be paid in cash forgood mer chantable heat delivered at our Warehouse Sept 12 1UDD ck CRITTENDEN JOHN MOOSE IS now receiving his fall and winter goods comprising a beau tifal variety of superior new style Staple and ancy are cheap He invites his old customers and others (ladies especially) to examine his stock it is large and he will try in prices styles quality he has a large lot )f Bools Shoes Hats and Caps Bonnets China Glass Hard vare and Carpetings Country goods taken as isual September 5 1848 3m THAN BOXES PTca2 do black do forsale bv September 5 TODD 6s CKIITENDEN Peach Brandy! ONE CASK of pure old Peach Brandr in store and for sae by August 29 GRAY GEORGE BMALElliSTITUTH (SnEEBYVIJLlli KENTUCKY) THE undersigned having purchased property for that purpose Shelbyville will commence a SCHOOL OR YOUNG LA DIES on Monday I8th of September He refers confidently to those who have patronized him in and when he promises that his Institute in Shelbyville shall be of a high order or terms Ac see printed which will be forwarded on application August uc BROADDUS Bin BnBArnA DisAanKEAniE Taste in the Mouth and other Un lea a ii svm of i a rn it a if ri mc4 i VMI luiucattuu liUil lilu the Mountain District has taken the stump and in instead being properly dissolved remains in the I until it becomes in a manner nutrifift riiaiAtAvirno i HAiug 'Util lilU 1IUIU 1)1 U1U mouth is certain not only to give a bad breath but is also the WA PUJIL 111 Ldl LIU 1 1 1 ti cayed teeth Indian fresstablc Pills not only cleanse the stnmscli and bowels ol all billions and putrid humors and purify the blood but they also restore the digestive oreans to a healthy tone and are therefore certain to remove a bad breath and pre vent a premature decay of the teeth Our Merchants are now receiving their fall supplies anti are busily engaged in preparing their houses for the coming trade Goods we understand have been bought low and purchasers may there fore expect to obtain their supplies upon advanta geous terms We ask the attention of buyers par ticularly to the stocks offered byour friends Messrswiiout Shields Knott Moore whose ad vertisem*nts will be found in our paper of to day As a general rule the world over the best bargains may be found at the counters of those who advertise no matter to what class of merchants they belong A liberal far seeing merchant or tradesman will nev er fail to advertise his merchandize he desires every body to know he has goods for sale he is willing to sell on good terms and desires to sell quickly lie will not risk the chance of failing to give publicity to the fact that he has certain goods for sale for the mere pittance charged by the Such men desire to they will sell and they will offer bargains OiJrThe Steamers Blue Wino and Sea Gull are again in the Louisville trade Both of them have been handsomely refitted and look as bright and beautiful as when first Mr Shockley the Clerk of the Blue Wing has taken command of the Gen Washington in theJgiuisville and St Louis trade lood will make a Captain He is succeededon the Blue Wing by John Roberts who has been acting 2nd Clerk for some time past He is an accommo dating gentleman and will make a good officer Death of Captain rancis Marry tt author of Ea died the early part of August at his fa Scat Langham Norfolk He was fifty six years of i 8 loooo $4900 EXTRA $60006! $22223! SJltll! Tickets $15 CO JrtpWe would call tbo attention of the public to the above schemes: which for brilliancy will vie with any schemes offered the ManaSers of Uie Kentucky ltjor Tickets or parts of Tickets address the Managers All correspondence strictly confidential and the printed draw ings will be mailed to all persons sending orders GREGORY fe Co May 30 6m Louisville Ky powe ii ii for sa de fTlHE undersigned it authorized to sell a first rate Power A 1 riiuuig Press which will throw off from 700 to 801) sheets an hour this Press has been in use for two or three years and performs admirably Either Book or Newspaper work can be executed upon it as well or better than upon the best Hand 1 resses It will be sold upon reasonable terms and upon time the notes be well secured Apply either personally or by let ter post paid to A llODGS rankfort August 29 1818 The Negro Stampede Tho trial of several the slaves engaged in the late effort to escape to vino was concluded at Bracken Court House Saturday last and resulted in tlie conviction three of those upon trial viz Henry Presley and Shadrach andus to the rest a verdict of not' guil ty A large number of persons were in attendance and tlie slaves were represented by able counsel We find in the Maysville Eagle an extract from the charge given by Judge Reid to the jury It is as follows: any of the slaves were in fhe eomnanv whh fired upon the white men when called upon to sur render and were armed to the laws of Ken tucky and their right or'other right to take them up as runaways they are guilty within the meaning of the Act of assembly to pre vent slaves from to rebel and make insur rection" The Judge also declared: The jury cannot expect direct evidence of a plot Or agreement among the slaves they may presume the same from the acts proved And an assembly of forty slaves armed with guns and pistols travel ing from Lexington as far as the place where they tired upon the white men in this county may be used us a circ*mstance to prove a to rebel or make even if persuaded to do if by white men any Slave now on trial who was in that company which fired upon the white men is guilty It is not necessary thatAe should have fired if he was armed and ready to aid and assist be is After the return of the verdict by the Jury a mo tion was made for a new trial upon which the Judge remanded the prisoner to jail and adjourned the Court until the third Monday in the present month to consider and advise A correspondent of the Eagle says' The seducer and man who was in company commanding and leading the slaves was indicted and if not dealt with by the Grand Jury of ayette is to be tried in The words of the law are that any Negro or other Slaves shall conspire to rebel or make inswrrec What is to conspire? what to rebel dye? The Judge used and and seve ral law dictionaries in his address to the Grand Jury And I think imitated very strongly that from the act of rebellion and making insurrection the inrv min hr presume anagreement or conspiring to do ii 127 of ontime and 99 pieces ami es coils at i ic anil i i ir ul equal to cash becond vol Statutes of Kentucky Sales from the country it 88c and sales Will the major include the minor? Can we iudw 1 stole! 3t 9c the tree by itsrgrt and say they conspired because lot they were found acting together in rebellion or insur 78c per bushel reclion? will that be sufficient io prove they agreed daysoGaS37ieVoef sooatr of Glnny Bags t0' or conspired to act together! What did the law ma i GROCERIES The market is rather animated to day for Su kers mean by did thev mean less ar end the retail sales nr bbls to the qpuntry have been more than actual rebellion or insurrection' I Ught at4Jc We quote asile of 0 bags Rio Cofle at GO dajs ree Negroes We have a statnte in this State i quite Mice of 53 tons Tennessee hotbiast forbidding the migration of free ne into this XvioYnL Rincons 're deUl to day btate under the penalty oi fine and imprisonment and sales from the country are at 3g for shoulders 5c for hams i i 4 aim co lUwGiM 9U 1UU Jor clear sides Sa las of clear sides from it unable to give sec*ntyto leavp and ren stores atlcRcm bbl also sales of He in pkgs inciud dering them liable to be sold intoeri itude for the 1 makrt udat ''Sr or tin A I i A 1 1 I 1 William Chenault Esq the Whig Elector for Awuivutki iKuui) uao cant tuv OLUinp dUU ill untn jt bec0 tends to keep the camp fires blazing until the elec 1 Peptic Acid is generated which mixing with the fluid of the tir 11 I miwmui SO vvi Vrtiu inn vmy co ifive a nan i hut io nterv tho won ive preaici inai we snail nave a larger gam true cause of wasting of the gums a depositor tarter and de cavod tholb 1 in iMovemoer in tnat district than in any other in the State The gallant and generous hearted Mountaineers love Old Zack and are just the sort of men to appreciate his honest frankness aucE candor Governor Metcalfe reached his home in Nicho las county last week where we had the pleasure of taking the old veteran by the hand We were grat THE ME3IBEIIS ELECT TllE LEGISLA ified to find him in good health and spirits confident fctMuoiw: I shall be a candidate before you the ensuing of the success of Gen Taylor and ready and wil winter for the office of stale Librarian and most respectfully so ling as he has always been to enter the field there lict your favorable consideration not however to tlie exclusion to illustrate his faith bydiis work He made a trip to New York after the adjournent of the Senate where he addressed several large mee(ings HExrri ky fiijjiTAitr i bt rrEMtna 9 J8 At a called meeting of the Board of Visitors it was ofdered that REDERIC ZERRLAUT Dr Um be appointed to the vacant Chau of Modern Languages Editors Rising We learn from a reliable source that Orlando Brown Esq former editor of the rankfort Commonwealth is to be Governor Critten Secretary of State Cincinnati Times Orlando Brown Esq rmy be Governor Critten den's Secretary of State but he is one of the men that cannot heraised by being placed in any office He is much moie likely to raise and give character to any situation he may be called upon to Loir Cour Gov appointment of Secretary of State will meet tlie cordial approval of the country Whilst we all deplored the loss which was felt in Mr withdrawal from the Editorial brother hood of which he was so bright and distinguished an ornament we are truly gratified that now in a position where he can yet devote his splendid abilities to tlie country Lex Obs Rep Kentucky Secretary of State We learn by telegraph despatch from rankfort that Gov Crit tenden has appointed Orlando Brown Esq Secre tary of State Mr Brown is one of the ablest and best men in the country Louisville Journal Wp have received acceptance of the Buffalo nomination but cannot fdefile our col umns by publishing anything from the pen of such a poor contemptable candidate for notoriety We contess we are nut much surprised that Abolition ists and Barnburner Locolbcos can with gusto relish a dish made of Plymouth cod fish and Kinderhook cabbage But surely no decent Whig can ever eat the mongrel hash set before the public by the Buf falo bottle washers Lex Atlas TOBACCO BOXES Virginia different qualities and prices J1 in store and for sale by TODD CRITTENDEN September 12 by Lexington and rankfort Railroad All who are interested in this enterprize will be rejoiced to learn that active measures have been taken by the officers of this company to press forward the work to completion We gave it as our opinion when we announced the election of A Hunt Esq as President of the company that the man of all othersbest calculated for the work had been cho sen and thatthe friends of the road might rest assured that his work would be done speedily and satisfactori ly We learn through the Lexington Atlas that Mr Hunt has already purchased twelve hundred and fifty tons of Iron at fifty dollars per ton to be delivered at New Orleans free of ehni Tin rtf iw II nil i rav I Uli UI viiaocu by virtue of his I is said to be of the most approved pattern the price paid lor it much below what it has been selling for heretofore and below the estimate made by the En gineers of the road It is said that the Directory hope to have the road completed in twelve months and we shall very soon thereafter be enabled to test our prediction made some time since that the stock will pay from 12 to 15 per cent.

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