Taste Of Victory Stables: Racehorse Ownership Without Breaking The Bank (2024)

Taste Of Victory Stables: Racehorse Ownership Without Breaking The Bank (1)

Owning a Thoroughbred racehorse outright is something that can seem impossible for many people. It is so expensive to purchase a horse in the first place, and then you must pay a trainer and various other fees along the way. Unless you have a supply of cash that’s ready to be spent on unexpected bills or fees, racehorse ownership is simply not a feasible investment.

However, groups like Taste Of Victory Stables are making racehorse ownership possible for people of varying income levels. Through them you can buy shares in a racehorse, giving you all of the benefits of ownership at a much lower cost. Taste Of Victory Stables was formed in 2015 as a partnership between Kyle Yost and Brian Richardson. Both Brian and Kyle had been involved in horse racing partnerships since the mid 2000s. They formed Taste Of Victory to educate people on horse racing ownership as well as to share that ownership experience - especially the experience of being a winning owner. Over the years, the Taste Of Victory has grown to include Russ Sapienza, the team’s Senior Advisor, and Erin O’Keefe, the team’s Director of Operations.

The Taste Of Victory team is full of experience and they want to share that with everyone who joins their stable. For as low as $750, you can share equity in a Thoroughbred racehorse.

In 2018, Taste Of Victory Stables enjoyed a 20% win rate. That winning rate almost guarantees you will be given a complimentary winners’ circle photo the first time that your horse wins. Imagine being able to say that one of your horses won at places like Del Mar, Santa Anita, Golden Gate Fields, or Laurel Park. Some of the horses in Taste Of Victory Stables are:

Absolutely Perfect: A four-year old filly by Vronsky out of In Perfect Style (Perfect Mandate). She is trained by Dan Blacker and has raced three times, breaking her maiden at Del Mar in November of 2018. In her most recent start, Absolutely Perfect earned herself a 96 Equibase Speed Figure.

And Counting: A four-year old filly by Acclamation out of Roberta’s Mango (Bold Badgett). She has run six times, most recently winning at Santa Anita in June of 2019. She is trained by Dan Blacker.

Binkster: A four-year old gelding by Bluegrass Cat out of La Femme Galante (Grand Slam). He has raced 14 times and has won at Belmont Park and Aqueduct! He recently finished second at Saratoga. Binkster is trained by Raymond Handal.

Hercatwillfoolu: A four-year old filly by Discreet Cat out of Saarlight (Saarland). She is trained by Ronney Brown and has won at both Timonium and Charles Town!

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I’llhandalthecash: A three-year old filly by Point Of Entry out of Sudden Ghost (Ghostzapper). She is trained by Raymond Handal and has raced three-times, winning once at Belmont Park.

MikeNJane: A five-year old mare by Big Bad Leroybrown out of Celebration (Poteen). She won at Santa Anita Park! Santaluz Dreamin: A four-year old colt by Big Bady Leroybrown out of Always Fashionable. Trained by Dan Blacker.

Sunblessed: A three-year old filly by Sir Percy (GB) out of Alphabetique (Zamindar). So far she has run overseas but is now based in California with trainer Dan Blacker. Shares are available in her!

What A View: An 8-year old gelding by Vronsky out of Oceans N Mountains (Manila). He has won 8 races, including three graded stakes races (even a Grade One)!

Tapping My Heart: A two-year old filly by Tapizar out of Lion Down By Me. She is trained by Phil Schoenthal and based in Maryland. Shares are available for her!

No Cream No Sugar: A two-year old filly by Street Magician out of Hear Our Prayer. She is trained by Phil Schoenthal and based in Maryland. Shares are available for her!

Now, imagine being a part owner of one of those horses! Any one of them can transform into something like What A View, making you an owner of a graded stakes winning horse. That is truly bragging rights.

Not only will you get to brag about owning a racehorse, but you will also get access to the barn and paddock, the potential for an ROI return, access to the Virginia training facility, naming rights, discounted entrance to Taste Of Victory events, and some Taste Of Victory merch. It’s the full co-owner package. Plus, you will have the ability to connect with some of the best people in the horse racing industry. Ray Handal, Phil Schoenthal, Dan Blacker, Phil D’Amato, and Ronney Brown all train for Taste Of Victory. In addition to training for Taste Of Victory, Phil Schoenthal helps Taste Of Victory find racehorses to purchase in Kentucky, Maryland, and New York through his company Kingdom Bloodstock.

While Taste Of Victory Stables’ horses are primarily located in New York, the Mid-Atlantic, or California, they will be expanding to other states within the next year!

If you are looking to get involved in the ownership aspect of horse racing, Taste Of Victory is definitely one of the best options in the country.

Taste Of Victory Stables: Racehorse Ownership Without Breaking The Bank (3)

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Taste Of Victory Stables: Racehorse Ownership Without Breaking The Bank (2024)


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