Taste of Victory Stables Gears Up for New Year After Stellar Season (2024)

Taste of Victory Stables Gears Up for New Year After Stellar Season (1)

Owner syndicates are an ever growing wave in horse racing. This wave is sweeping up people who have dreamt of owning racehorses but didn’t have the means and taking them on the ride of their lives.

One of the most interesting syndicates of all is Taste of Victory Stables.

Taste of Victory was founded by Kyle Yost and Brian Richardson in 2015. Both men had previous experience owning racehorses and wanted to come together to share their passion and love for racehorses with others. The mission of their syndicate is to bring new owners to the sport through education, experience, and the feeling of victory!

Russ Sapienza joined the group as a Senior Advisor and Erin O'Keefe joined as the Director of Operations.

They have more than succeeded at giving their co-owners the experience they have been looking for. Those who join Taste of Victory are taken on a journey of the ups and downs of the horse racing industry. They experience the highs of being in the paddock as an owner and the jubilation of watching their horse come under the wire first.

Co-owners get to attend special events and feel the importance of interacting with some of the nation’s top trainers, jockeys, and bloodstock agents at some of the most popular racetracks in the country.

Although Taste of Victory has a pretty high winning percentage, horses can’t win every race. The co-owners of Taste of Victory have felt the sting of a narrow defeat before too -- a feeling that strikes all owners in the sport over and over again.

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With the new year finally here, it is the perfect time to reflect on the accomplishments of Taste of Victory Stables. 2019 was their most successful year ever with a 23% winning percentage. They made it to major racetracks and to one of the sport’s most important events: The Breeders’ Cup!

“I’m most proud of our win percentage,” said West Coast Managing Partner Brian Richardson. “We had horses racing in six states and we made some key decisions to put horses in races that they would be competitive. It’s truly a team effort between TOV management and our trainers.”

That key decision making led horses like Binkster to show their consistency over and over again for their co-owners, providing the thrills of first place finishes and the joys of making money with seconds or thirds. It also led to horses like Hit The Road to impressively win stakes races and run in the Breeders’ Cup Juvenile Turf!

But most importantly, Taste of Victory has created many memories over the year that their co-owners hold dear.

“My favorite memory was hosting the Del Mar event at the Turf Club for all of our co-owners,” Richardson recalled. “We had thirty-five people attend and we had a barn tour, handicapping lesson, and an exciting day of racing.”

“It provides TOV the opportunity to share the wonderful “behind the scenes” experience of horse racing with our co-owners.”

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Richardson’s 2020 goal for Taste of Victory Stables is to introduce this side of the sport to even more people! “I would love to bring in another 100 new owners to Taste of Victory. Two-thirds of our current 150 owners had never owned a horse before! This is incredibly satisfying for me.”

Their newest offering for potential co-owners will allow them to do just that! Potential owners can currently buy shares in their “Inside Information Group” made up of three horses that will race on three different sides of the country.

This group includes a Kantharos - I Dare U Em filly to be trained by Ray Handal, a No Nay Never - Hot Legs colt to be trained by Dan Blacker, and a Mshawish - I Amusingly filly to be trained by Kenny McPeek.

Those who buy into the Inside Information Group get a piece of all three of these promising, young Thoroughbreds!

With the way 2019 went for Taste of Victory, it is safe to say that 2020 is going to a year full of success for the syndicate and their co-owners. Their ability to bring new owners into the sport helps to elevate horse racing to higher levels of importance and popularity.

With Taste of Victory, you no longer have to be a king to partake in horse racing -- but you will certainly feel like one!

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Taste of Victory Stables Gears Up for New Year After Stellar Season (2024)


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