Find FedEx locations in Canada (2024)

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Find FedEx locations in Canada (2)

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Find FedEx locations in Canada (3)

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Find FedEx locations in Canada (4)

1290 Locations

Search to find FedEx Locations near you.

Please note that store hours may be subject to change without notice. To get the latest information on store hours and closures, please visit the store's website.
At-home COVID-19 test kits are currently not accepted at FedEx Authorized ShipCentre and FedEx OnSite locations. You may ship or drop off your at-home COVID-19 test kit at one of our FedEx Ship Centre locations. For a list of locations and hours, click here. If you don't have a FedEx Ship Centre location near you, schedule a one-time pickup online and we'll come to you. Please note that your shipment must be properly packaged prior to drop off or pickup.

FedEx customer dropping off a package at FedEx Ship Centre

In-Store Shipping, Pickup & Drop off

FedEx Ship Centres

The shipping specialists at these locations will help you prepare and ship your intra-Canada and international packages, including approved dangerous goods or hold them for pickup. Plus, you'll enjoy the flexibility of later drop-off times.


FedEx Authorized ShipCentre signage in window

In-Store Shipping, Pickup & Drop off

FedEx Authorized ShipCentres®

Ship or drop off your FedEx Express and FedEx Ground* intra-Canada and international packages at these staffed locations in your neighbourhood. You can also have your packages held for pickup at select locations.

*FedEx Ground service only available at select locations.


A FedEx customer picking up a package

In-Store Pickup & Drop off only

FedEx Onsite Locations

You can pick up and drop off your pre-packaged, pre-labelled FedEx Express and FedEx Ground packages at convenient, staffed locations near where you live, shop and work.


FedEx drop box

Self-Service Drop off

FedEx® Drop Boxes

With drop boxes located in office buildings, shopping malls and other convenient locations, there's always a place nearby to drop off your FedEx Express and FedEx Ground packages.


Find FedEx locations in Canada (5)

How do I find a location that meets my needs?

You can find your nearest FedEx retail location using the FedEx Find Locations tool.

  1. Use the search bar to find FedEx retail locations near you.
  2. Use the buttons at the top of the page to filter and get the service you want.
  3. Select a retail location from the results list or the map to get details on the store hours, directions, services and more.


Find FedEx locations in Canada (6)

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Find FedEx locations in Canada (7)
Find FedEx locations in Canada (8)

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Find FedEx locations in Canada (9)

FedEx Authorized ShipCentre Program

Join the FedEx retail network and open your doors to new business.


Shipping Assistance

To ship, pick up, or drop off your packages at FedEx Ship Centre and FedEx Authorized ShipCentre® staffed locations, select Shipping Assistance.

In-Store Drop Off

To pick up or drop off your pre-labelled, pre-packaged shipments at staffed FedEx Onsite locations, select Drop Off.

Self-Service Drop Box

To drop off your packages at self-serve FedEx Drop Box locations, select More Filters on the right-hand side, then Location Type Filters and check FedEx Drop Box.

FedEx Drop Box

Frequently Asked Questions

Review the FAQs to learn more about FedEx retail locations.

  • You can drop off both FedEx Express and FedEx Ground shipments in a FedEx Drop Box.

  • FedEx Drop Boxes can accommodate packages up to 20" x 12" x 6" (50.8 cm x 30.5 cm x 15.2 cm).

  • To ship dangerous goods, please visit a FedEx Ship Centre. SEE DANGEROUS GOODS GUIDELINES

  • Create a shipping label online using your FedEx account number or credit card. Print the shipping label and affix it to your package, then drop off your package at a FedEx Drop Box near you. Please note that cash, cheque or credit card payments are not accepted at drop box locations.

  • Yes, weight is one of several factors used to determine the shipping cost. Once your package arrives at a FedEx facility, it will be weighed. The total weight and other factors — including origin, destination and desired delivery date — will determine the shipping cost. This amount will then be charged to your FedEx account or credit card.

  • The drop-off times for each FedEx Drop Box vary — some locations offer later drop-off times as well as Saturday drop off. To find drop-off times for a FedEx Drop Box near you, please visit Find FedEx Location. Please note that each drop box will display the time the packages are scheduled to be picked up by the courier and whether or not a pickup has occurred for the day.

FedEx locations - Canada

  • Alberta
  • British Columbia
  • Manitoba
  • New Brunswick
  • Newfoundland and Labrador
  • Northwest Territories
  • Nova Scotia
  • Ontario
  • Prince Edward Island
  • Quebec
  • Saskatchewan
  • Yukon
Find FedEx locations in Canada (2024)


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