Eubank's Independence Day Festival keeps revelers entertained (2024)

Eubank's Independence Day Festival keeps revelers entertained (1)

Sometimes for the Fourth of July, the boom of the fireworks aren’t the only sounds around. Folks can also associate the sound of a John Deere or Massey Ferguson tractor engine as it drives by in a parade or the clang of a bell coming from the “Test of Strength” machine with the Independence Day festivities.

Or, possibly even the squeal of a pig, for those who decided to stick around for the greased pig contest.

The city of Eubank held its annual Independence Day Festival this weekend – technically on July 5, 6 and 7 – at the Eubank Park, courtesy of the Eubank Fire Department.

The main events took place all day Saturday, starting with the parade at 11 a.m. and ending with the fireworks show after dark.

But the full festivities began with Friday’s pageants and ended on Sunday with a gospel singing.

Saturday’s parade made sure the young folks were sufficiently energized by receiving the candy thrown from the endless line of Jeeps, classic cars, tractors, horses and other modes of transportation.

Then, families had all afternoon to wander around the park, participating in games, listening to live music, eating or playing on the inflatables.

All of that took place in the beautifully landscaped and maintained Eubank Park, and one of the groups set up at the festival – and the group responsible for the park’s care – was the Eubank Garden Club,

Club representative Sherry Todd explained that the club set up several games for families to participate in to help raise money for their expenses.

Eubank's Independence Day Festival keeps revelers entertained (3)

Todd said that the club is responsible for planting the flowers around the park. “We try to buy all our flowers so the city doesn’t have to,” she said.

It can cost around $2,000 a year to maintain the park’s flower beds, so chances to hold fundraisers at event’s like Saturday’s festivals can go a long way in helping.

Todd said they also hold a hayride around Halloween, and have plans to participate in October’s Zombie Walk, which is sponsored by the Somerset Junior Woman’s Club.

She added that the club also gets help from volunteers and from businesses. They get donated items from Walmart, such as bags of rock that have busted open. They also get discounts from places like Glory Gardens, Todd said.

While there are many items that symbolize America’s freedom, one of those few people expect to meet face-to-face is a bald eagle. Yet visitors to the Eubank celebration could get relatively close to just such a predator, courtesy of the Lake Cumberland Wildlife Refuge, Home of the Liberty Nature Center.

Eubank's Independence Day Festival keeps revelers entertained (4)

Allegiant, or Allie as she is known, is a bald eagle being cared for by the refuge due to having broken a wing in the past.

While Allegiant was able to heal some, her injuries were too great for her to be released back in the wild.

The refuge’s director Kimmi Sparkman, as well as Allegiant’s handler Wyatt Morgan, explained that their primary goal is to rehabilitate and release injured animals into the wild.

But if an animal cannot be released, the staff at the refuge give it the best home possible.

Sparkman, who took over as director in November, noted that the place most locals know as the Liberty Nature Center recently changed its name over to the Lake Cumberland Wildlife Refuge. That change came about because they would have out-of-town visitors call up and ask if the center was located in Liberty, Ky., around 35 miles away.

“We wanted it to represent who we serve in the community we’re a part of,” she said of the name change.

However, the refuge’s goals and location remain the same. It can be found on Bridge Hollow Road in the Slate Branch area of Pulaski.

Sparkman also said that the refuge is available to give tours of its facilities, and that those tours can be scheduled by call them at 606-679-9453.

“We’re continuing to grow and build new exhibits,” she said.

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Eubank's Independence Day Festival keeps revelers entertained (2024)


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